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BPAC module deep-sea pilot education

The model course has been developed by BPAC and is intended
  • to provide specific guidance on the training of Baltic deep-sea pilots
  • to be used by competent pilotage authorities when setting the requirements for Baltic deep-sea pilots and for the pilotage service providers to ensure that the Baltic deep-sea pilot training is delivered according to the requirements 
  • to provide details of the subject areas for knowledge and practical competence required for a Baltic deep-sea pilot trainee to get a Baltic deep-sea pilot licence or certificate (Red Card) 
  • to assist the training organisations and their teaching staff in the preparation and implementation of Baltic deep-sea pilot training 
  • to ensure that deep-sea pilots in the Baltic Sea area are adequately qualified and trained to operate in the Baltic Sea 
  • to harmonize and standardize the training of deep-sea pilotage in the Baltic Sea area ensuring a uniform high-level education.



BPAC Pilotage standards