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General Information

Baltic Pilotage Authorities Commision (BPAC) is a governmental organisation of and a work forum for pilotage authorities of the countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea, and Norway.

The aim of this work forum is to enhance maritime and shipping safety in the Baltic Sea region, to share experiences in the pilotage areas and in cooperation with national authorities and pilot organisations to forward recommendations and to influence national decision making in areas concerning pilotage in the Baltic Sea.

During the years of active cooperation between HELCOM and BPAC, several rules and regulations have been established by BPAC to improve maritime safety and protect the environment in the Baltic Sea.
Annual conferences are held in the member states in turn. Participants are the pilotage authorities and invited representatives from pilot organisations and others. In between conferences, the Secretariat works together with the president of the BPAC on matters of importance to pilotage and makes a report of this at the conference.
General information